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Weekend Pickup

What do Greg Maddux playing wiffle ball, Jim Kelly dressed as Tony Montana, William Tecumseh Sherman, a golfer who wears two gloves, and the single season NCAA women’s basketball scoring record holder have in common?  The answer: nothing except the fact that they were all in my pack of 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions.

Wiffleball hall of famer, Greg Maddux?



“Derek doesn’t know who I am.”

This portrait was brought to you by a fourth grader. Sorry Jackie.

I can say with some certainty that this is the first pack of Goodwin that I’ve ever purchased.  I normally don’t go for the non-licensed, multi-sport stuff, but this was the only thing at the local shop that I hadn’t opened yet, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Firstly, I’m going to review this not based on my pack, which was awful, but on the design of the product.  I’m doing my best here not to let my disappointment in a single pack bias my post.  However, the design itself is too generic for my liking.  It is basically the stock “vintage” card design, which we have all seen quite a few times.  It does include painted portraits instead of photographs, which I appreciate if done well but, as seen on the Jackie Stiles card, these portraits are not top notch.  Black borders are a plus in my book, but otherwise the design is a bit of yawner.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not offensive to my eyes but it’s just not much to talk about.

The actual portraits on the other hand, they are something to talk about.  Since Upper Deck lacks a baseball license we can’t expect Greg Maddux in a proper uniform, but wiffleball?  Kudos I say, wiffleball is underappreciated and I believe an Upper Deck and Greg Maddux team up can bring it to the forefront of American culture.  Who doesn’t love crazy screwballs and 53′ home runs.  Truly the sport of kings.  Jim Kelly, WTF, why buddy?  I know the movie was big and all, but try to maintain a little bit, ok?

Jim Kelly or Al Pacino? I just don’t know.

Another kudos to Upper Deck for drawing our attention to what can only be a ‘separated at birth’ situation.  Not much to say about Tommy Gainey (other than who is Tommy Gainey?) and William Tecumseh Sherman, but someone owes Jackie Stiles an apology.  I googled her and that portrait should offend her.

I suppose the draw of Goodwin Champions is a stacked autograph checklist.  Upper Deck’s stable of stars, including Lebron, MJ, and Tiger, are all accounted for, as well as some other interesting signers like Mike Tyson, Arnold Palmer, and Nolan Ryan.  There are also relic cards including JFK, Eisenhower, and Joe Jackson.  This is obviously a hit based product, so I recommend buying a box if you’re at all interested (three guaranteed per box).  Buying single packs puts you at risk for what is shown above.  Design 2.5/5, auto and relic checklist 5/5.

My local card dealer also threw in a pack of 1991-92 McDonalds edition Hoops.  These were the packs that included the Dream Team cards.  I got a Magic Johnson.  See for yourself.

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$20,000.  $9,999.  $7,999.  $5,623.  These are prices paid for UD Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Blue Michael Jordan cards on eBay.

YOU HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY!  Give money to charity.  Please, this is insanity.  These cards have no intrinsic value.  They aren’t old, but well preserved, cards.  They don’t have a rare autograph on them.  They don’t even have part of a jersey that a famous person wore.  They are cards that were printed in limited supply specifically for the purpose of eliciting this reaction from the too-rich collector.  Do I think that it’s nice that cards, which are simply cards and not vehicles for jerseys or autographs, are generating big excitement.  Of course.  But this is too much.  They aren’t even 1/1’s.  There are 50 of these.  I repeat: 50.

Context:  Andy Warhol is a famous American painter.  One of the most famous.  He creates works of art.  This work of art is limited to 20 copies, 30 less than that Michael Jordan card, and sold for $15,500.  It is also signed by Andy.

That Jordan card is not a work of art, but rather a rehash of an ugly, but rare, card from the nineties.  Nor is it signed by Jordan.

Rich collectors, please stop.  There are needy kids out there, help them.

BTW, I really wish I could afford a box of Fleer Retro.  It looks super cool.  Other than those hideous Precious Metal Gems.

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