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The Best: Moose

Before there was Mike Mussina, there was the original Moose, Bill Skowron.  Moose Skowron was a favorite of my dad’s so, even though I wasn’t old enough to remember him, I knew how good the big hitting first baseman was.  He is an underappreciated Yankee because of who he played with, guys like Mickey, Yogi, Whitey, and Roger.  He played with guys who are instantly recognizable by first name alone, so you can’t blame him for flying under the radar.  He was an integral part of the Yankees in the fifties and early sixties though.  In nine seasons with the Yankees, he hit .294/.346/.496 with 165 home runs and he played solid defense at first.  He would have been a star for most teams during those nine seasons, but he was a Yankee and largely overlooked.

I picked up a 2002 Fleer Greats Autograph of the Moose at a card show last year, and it is a fantastic card.  The photo is a posed one, showing Bill in a fielding stance.  The card itself has a gold sheen on everything except Moose himself, giving the background a sepia-like tone.  The design gives a nice effect, like it is a black and white picture combined with a sepia picture.  It’s visually pleasing and gives the card the right feel, given the time period that Moose played in.  The signature is one of the most legible signatures I’ve ever seen.  It’s like he actually took his time when he signed the card.  It’s also signed with a thicker black marker which is something you don’t see too often.  And, of course, it’s an on-card signature.  Just the way it should be.

Moose, Pack A Week salutes you.

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$20,000.  $9,999.  $7,999.  $5,623.  These are prices paid for UD Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Blue Michael Jordan cards on eBay.

YOU HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY!  Give money to charity.  Please, this is insanity.  These cards have no intrinsic value.  They aren’t old, but well preserved, cards.  They don’t have a rare autograph on them.  They don’t even have part of a jersey that a famous person wore.  They are cards that were printed in limited supply specifically for the purpose of eliciting this reaction from the too-rich collector.  Do I think that it’s nice that cards, which are simply cards and not vehicles for jerseys or autographs, are generating big excitement.  Of course.  But this is too much.  They aren’t even 1/1’s.  There are 50 of these.  I repeat: 50.

Context:  Andy Warhol is a famous American painter.  One of the most famous.  He creates works of art.  This work of art is limited to 20 copies, 30 less than that Michael Jordan card, and sold for $15,500.  It is also signed by Andy.

That Jordan card is not a work of art, but rather a rehash of an ugly, but rare, card from the nineties.  Nor is it signed by Jordan.

Rich collectors, please stop.  There are needy kids out there, help them.

BTW, I really wish I could afford a box of Fleer Retro.  It looks super cool.  Other than those hideous Precious Metal Gems.

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