Hoops Revisited

My dad decided he wanted to open some Hoops packs to satiate his need for rookie cards.  So I got a second round of 2012-13 Hoops today.

I can’t say that my impressions changed in any apprciable way but I did get to lay eyes on a couple different inserts, which were nice, and a bunch of the extended rookie crop.  So I thought it was worth a followup post.

First, the inserts.  I pulled two Franchise Greats cards, John Stockton and Larry Bird.  Larry Bird is the Mickey Mantle of basketball cards and I have no doubt that I’ll make a few bucks on eBay anytime I see his face, so the card made me happy.  The design itself is my favorite of all the Hoops designs this year.  It is nice and clean, with team coordinated borders and nice photography.  The hoops logo is not too-big and the stars are kept to a minimum.  Solid job, Hoops.  John Stockton’s shorts are short, go figure.  I’m not regrading Hoops as a whole, but this insert set is a 4/5.

The other new, to me, insert was a Rookie Standout card.  The one I got was MarShon Brooks.  Not much to say about the card.  Not as hideous as the Spark Plug set, but not my favorite.  I appreciate full action shots, and like the simple text and border design (if you’re going to err, err on the side of simplicity), but the border is a little big and intrusive.

This card brings me to an aside.  I love the new Nets logo.  Black and white is under-utilized in sports.  I think teams think that it is too generic, but it is so clean.  The logo has a great retro feel and I think merchandise sales will be off the charts.  People love Brooklyn.  As a basketball fan without an official favorite team the sweet logo may just sway me in Brooklyn’s direction.  If they can sign Dwight Howard next off-season there will be no question, especially if the Suns continue in their current direction, both in terms of talent and awful logo design.


Not cool.

Finally,  I got the Derrick Williams rookie card I’ve been after.  Two of them, in fact.  I still want an autograph.  But it’s nice to pull a player I’m collecting.  I sincerely hope that Minnesota can utilize William’s talents this season.  Last season was kind of disappointing with him backing up Kevin Love and not getting a lot of minutes.  He has the talent, he can shoot from outside, he can finish around the rim, he just needs an opprotunity.  I’m not sure the T-Wolves are looking to give him that opportunity, though.  They traded Beasley, which looked like Minnesota opening up a spot for Williams, but then immdediately signed Andrei Kirilenko, which put another forward in front of Williams on the depth-chart.  If the Wolves aren’t going to utilize an offensively gifted player like Williams, they might as well trade him.  Maybe to Brooklyn.  Good logo, good player.

I pulled a few other rookies, including a some of this years crop.  Notably Harrison Barnes and Bernard James.  Barnes has been called ‘boring’ by some basketball personalities.  I can see it and I can see disliking him for the same reasons I like Tim Duncan, which is the same reason I don’t befriend machines.  Personality is a must, especially in the hobby.  Do something crazy Harrison.  What?  I don’t know.  You think it up, but make it good.  I also pulled Bernard James, who spent six years in the Air Force before playing a few years at Florida State, which makes him a super old rookie.  Bold prediction: he will not be a star but will be lauded for his maturity.  Quote me on that.  Also, who fitted him for that suit, it’s like four sizes too small.  Don’t get me wrong, baggy is worse, but if you’re going to get a tailored suit you shouldn’t look like you’re about to bust out of it like the Hulk.

BTW, 13 packs produced three first year rookies.  Anyone else pulling them at this rate?  If so, they are definitely short printed.


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